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Tim Solliday

2014 Artist

2014 Artwork Work for Sale

Hunter's Dream
Painting – oil on linen canvas
30 x 24 inches
Starting at $12,500.00
Paintings and Sculpture Show & Sale
Sealed Bid , Lot #106

About the Artist

Tim Solliday was born in Ottumwa, Iowa in 1952. He has had a direct interest in the west and its history and mythology all his life. Solliday first started his fine art career as a plein aire landscape painter. Most of these landscapes were very western in character and feeling. He was interested in art at a very early age and loved to draw all through his pre-teen years. Solliday lives in Southern California and has loved the beautiful scenes and mild climate of the area. He was inspired by both landscapes and animals all his life. He worked as an illustrator, a commercial artist and in the motion picture industry. In his late 20's Tim turned his attention to a career as a fine artist. Solliday feels fortunate to have found a traditional teacher to study under, while working in commercial art. Theo N. Lukits was his teacher and taught in the Los Angeles area from the 1940's through the 1980's. Lukits was a graduate of the Chicago Art Institute in 1918. Recently, Tim has enjoyed great success painting American Indian and Western scenes. He is a Signature member of the California Art Club, and the Pastel Society of America. Solliday has been featured in many prestigious shows such as: The Prix de West in Oklahoma City and the Master of the West in Los Angeles. Solliday has been featured in Southwest Art, Art of the West, Western Art Collector, American Artist, International Artist and many others. Solliday has won top awards in many of the shows he has entered. He is now represented by Trailside Gallery, Jackson WY and Scottsdale, AZ; McLarry Fine Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico Maxwell Alexander Gallery, Culver City, CA; American Legacy Fine Arts in Pasadena, CA. Solliday is grateful to his collectors and galleries and looks forward to a productive future.

Artist Statement

I am an artist because I have to be. That is, I am driven by the most fundamental elements of artistic fervor. These elements can't be described by me except through images. The beautiful in art offers the images that are most profound in striving for the sublime. Through these images, art conveys the powerful elements of life, the struggles, the disappointments, the joys and the indomitable courage and fortitude of which life is composed.

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