What’s New


Western Visions now has it’s very own website. The new site has a number of useful features for both artists and patrons:

• All artist submissions are available online. Details include price, edition, and medium.

• All artworks may be sorted by artist, price, and type, making it easier to search for your favorite artist or style.

• Event registration, as well as registration to bid by proxy, may be quickly and securely completed online.

• A full calendar of events for both 2014 and 2015 Western Visions.

• Exciting information and videos about the 2014 featured artists will be coming soon.

Virtual Art Catalog by ISSUU

The entire Western Visions Catalog is available on WesternVisions.org through ISSUU. The official “Sneak Peek” is also available online. ISSUU is the premier digital publishing provider, creating documents online which read beautifully and are user-friendly.


Digital Bidding

Western Visions® has gone digital. Bidding is now done through a digital bidding system.

For more information visit the You Tube Link on how to use the digital bidding devices.


Microsoft Tag Reader

We have created different tags to help communicate information about Western Visions. Please download Microsoft Tag Reader on your smartphone. Once you have downloaded the software, you will be able to scan the different tags throughout the events.

  1. Download Microsoft Tag Reader on your smart phone
  2. Scan tag
  3. Get access to additional information